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Recipe testing in progress!

So my sister just got engaged and we’re having a formal shin-ding at home later this week so that the two families can meet roka-style. Naturally my contribution to the whole event will be cake-related, and because I know my … Continue reading

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Caramelized White Chocolate

The word “caramelized” followed by anything in a recipe is usually enough to have me salivating. Fruits, vegetables, condensed milk, anything. Hence, it’s not a surprise that I’ve been lusting for caramelized white chocolate for some time now. I have … Continue reading

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Orange Infused White Chocolate Popsicles

Here in Delhi, it’s difficult to mourn the end of summer. It creeps up on you a bit, you suddenly start to realize that you can walk down the street without breaking a sweat. The morning and evening breezes beg … Continue reading

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And I’m Back (Also, Poached Egg with Stir Fried Spinach)

Hello Reader, It’s been some time. It’s been three months to be precise. I had promised to be back two and a half months ago. But stuff happened. A lot of stuff. It all started on my vacation to Goa … Continue reading

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