Recipe testing in progress!

So my sister just got engaged and we’re having a formal shin-ding at home later this week so that the two families can meet roka-style. Naturally my contribution to the whole event will be cake-related, and because I know my sister well, it will more specifically be chocolate-cake-related.

Hence I am making use of this unusual mid-week holiday (thank you Diwali, you annoy me with das hazaar ladhi noise and parties that make gambling way more socially acceptable than it should be, but you do give me mid-week holidays, lots of gifted dry fruits and an excuse to light pretty diyas and candles) to test chocolate layer cake recipes. I am really hoping that the first recipe I try (currently in the oven) will be a clear winner because unlike bloggers with more character and caliber, I do not have the stamina or inclination to test recipe after recipe to find The One. I am hopeful since David Lebovitz is a man who knows his chocolate and also knows his cake. And this Devils Food Cake looks like the exact kind of confection my sister would happy-dance over.

Wish me luck 🙂

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8 Responses to Recipe testing in progress!

  1. Sho says:

    Um I know you just posted this, but it popped up in my email, and, well two things:

    One: Hooray, engagement! Tell her congrats!
    Two: CHOCOLATE CAKE! You’re the nicest younger sister I know. Don’t let my elder sister know about you, I could never match up.

    (Okay, three)
    Three: Pictures, please. (And perhaps a saved slice or two for this girl here?)


  2. Tanya says:

    I will post pictures of the final product, promise.

    And although I can’t promise a slice of The Cake, I am pretty sure I can make more later and share more than a slice 🙂

  3. Aham to the drifting!… Anyway..

    Yaaaeeee!!! Chocolate Cake made by the best cook in the whole wide world!!
    Anything this younger sister makes is magic but her true voodoo is in the bake!
    Thank you, love you, miss you, see you Friday!

    P.S. love the blog… keep it going 🙂

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