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Japchae: Korean glass noodles

I’ve already talked about my love for Korean food, it’s time to¬†show you some of that love in my kitchen. Japchae is a type of Korean noodle made from potato starch, and it is deeelicious. The springy texture of the … Continue reading

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Adventures with Kimchi

I haven’t yet declared this on the blog, but most people who know me know I have a slightly unhealthy relationship with Korean food – unhealthy for my finances, that is (nutritionally speaking, it’s infinitely better than a lot of … Continue reading

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Baingan bharta and marinated vegetables pizza

Folks, I begin to type this post three slices in to what is undeniably the best pizza I have ever made at home (ignoring, for a moment, it’s amoeba shape). It’s an unusual marriage of¬†ingredients, I concede, but please give … Continue reading

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And I’m Back (Also, Poached Egg with Stir Fried Spinach)

Hello Reader, It’s been some time. It’s been three months to be precise. I had promised to be back two and a half months ago. But stuff happened. A lot of stuff. It all started on my vacation to Goa … Continue reading

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Fresh Homemade Ricotta

Sometimes, the best food posts are the ones that get you salivating over something distant and far away, and then tell you how to make it at home. Smitten Kitchen’s Deb did just that. After raving about Salvatore Bklyn‘s fresh, … Continue reading

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Bread Rolls

I used to think I had a love-hate relationship with carbs. But then something changed the first time I kneaded a yeasted dough (not too long ago). It made me realize that it wasn’t love hate, it was real true … Continue reading

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